Auto Gauge Variation Control

Extreme blank holding control and rapid start-up are provided by this capability for deep sketching.

Deep drawing causes large material flow fluctuations during drawing, which frequently results in issues with wrinkles and fissures.

A plate and a control unit make up the two primary parts of Sharma Machine Tools' Auto Gauge Variation Control. The shimming plate contains separate pockets or zones, each pressured and individually controlled.

Users can create up pressure zones on the plate, change pressure during a part run, and save the settings for later recall using the control system.

The Auto Gauge Variation Management facilitates production control, lowers scrap rates, and permits quick and simple tool swapping.

Link Motion Drive

Comparing Link Motion Drive to conventional eccentric or crank motion presses, you can take advantage of a variety of advantages. The draw stroke of the crank is driven at a speed that is three times slower than the return stroke.

By holding the material in the work region of the press stroke about 40% longer at any press speed, the metal flow time was improved.

Improved part finish results from slower tool velocity.

Faster slide return rates allow for faster production rates without sacrificing forming speed.

The life of dies, presses, and other equipment is improved by less impact, stress, noise, heat, and vibration.