Blanking Line

Blanking Line

Blanking Line Manufacturer India
All industries require a high-production blanking solution for their sheet metal components. Sharma Presses - We are a well-managed Manufacturer and Supplier of Blanking Line based in Gurgaon, Haryana. Due to affluent industry skill and experience, we have been accomplished to provide our valued customers with the best quality range of Blanking Line Machines. Our blanking lines deliver cost-effective manufacturing, quality, and production reliability for all industries that require a high-production blanking solution for their sheet metal components. Optimum for automatic circle-cutting operation, cut-to-length and slitting. If you looking for the best Blanking Line Manufacturer for your industry, we are here to help you.



Product Details


Robust construction H-type ring frame press for utmost rigidity and accuracy. A scotch yoke mechanism slide with three long guide & slide length of 1400mm which offers extreme accuracy for your tools resulting in a longer tool life.

Moreover, all gears , slides , crank , bushes & bearing run in oil bath for optimum long life & maintenance free operations.


Driven by computerised numerically controlled(CNC) panel and servos from Panasonic, our feeders deliver the precise movement of the coil at a very high speed with an accuracy of up to 0.1mm and linear speed of up to 50m/min.

Heavy linear motion guideways and accurate ball screws are used for fast and long lasting performance.

A combination of two different materials for the feeding rolls is used to have zero frictional loss and scratchless blanks.

Also the self centring coil guiding system for time saving.

The very user friendly software provided for the blanking line adjusts itself for the blank size and coil width input by the user to give minimum optimum scrap wastage.


For those who require maximum coil recovery for their blanking solutions, we have introduced on-line slitting. After decoiling, coil gets slitted and is fed to the press for blanking operation. This way one can do the slitting operation as well as blanking operation in a single line for maximum coil recovery of up to 92%.





Scrap chopper mounted at the frame of the press shears the scrap in a neat manner at a speed of up to 65 strokes/minute.

Not just for scrap, the chopper can also be used as a cut-to-length. The chopper itself can be used as a shearing machine for the coil width of up to 1600mm.

Scrap coiler can also be used as rewinding of the scrap after the blanking operation with speed of the press.


Heavy duty decoilers are used in different sizes depending upon the customer’s requirement i.e with tonnage capacities varying from 3 to 10 tons.

Features like coil cart and hydraulic coil locking at the touch of a button saves time.

  BL 15″/700 BL 20″/1300 BL 24″/1300 BL 28″/1600
Capacity (tons) 80 80 125 150
Max’m Coil Width(mm) 700 1300 1300 1600
Max’m Circle Size 15″ (380mm) 20″ (510mm) 24” (610mm) 28″ (712mm)
strokes per minute 120 120 60 60
User interface hmi hmi scada scada
Conveyor optional yes yes yes
Coil Cart optional optional optional optional
Hydraulic Coil Clamp optional optional optional optional
with Slitting Line NA optional optional optional
Strap Winder (recoiler) optional optional optional optional
Scrap Chopper NA NA optional optional