Forging Servo Screw Press

Forging Servo Screw Press

Forging Servo Screw Press

We are known as a quality Forging Servo Screw Press manufacturer in India. Our Press's frame screw is made up of four steel cast frames that are joined by four hydraulically pretensioned tie rods. This ensures the frame's lifespan, the formation of more precise parts, and a decrease in the press's overall weight and size.

High-alloy forged, quenched, and tempered steel is used to make screws, extending their lifespan. A heavy-duty spherical flanged bearing serves as the machine frame's screw bearing.


Product Details



The frame of PARKASH Screw Press consist of four steel casted frames, held together by four
hydraulicaly pretensioned tie rods, and thus ensuring longevity of the frame, and forming of more accurate parts, and reducing the overall weight and size of the press.











A particular wear-resistant bronze alloy screw nut that is fastened to the ram.
The screw drive's thread architecture, which features an optimised tooth profile and four start threads, has already shown itself to be strong and resilient.








Screw Nut


Screw nut is of special wear resistance bronze alloy fixed in the ram.
Thread geometry in the screw drive with optimized tooth profile and four
start threads, has already proved to be durable and tough in the past.









Motors and Driving System of the Press

Two powerful, high-torque motors are used to provide the drive, and they are connected by a bull gear to the flywheel's exterior diameter. A sliding clutch built inside the flywheel regulates the push force.








Low vibration during press operation is ensured by optional spring damping foundation pads underneath the mild steel bed plate.









The recirculating oil lubrication system continually lubricates the screw, thrust bearing, and guides.





PARKASH Servo Screw Press is equipped with digital
The PARKASH Servo Screw Press has a digital tonnage monitor, which uses strain gauges to measure and record the force applied during the forming process. To avoid potential damage to the press, the system shows a warning message and pauses the cycle when the maximum allowable force is exceeded. Photoelectric sensors are installed on the front and rear of the columns.






Ram and Guiding System

In order to ensure constant clearance despite thermal expansion, the ram is made of high-quality cast steel and is guided in four guides at a 45-degree angle with continual lubrication. As guide pairs, steel and bronze are employed.


  • Increased production capacity as a result of enhanced performance and higher reliability.
  • Large functioning capacity/overload protection for protection.
  • Maximum repeat accuracy and exact adjustment of the energy output.
  • Numerous possibilities for controlling the stroke.
  • Precise, optimised ram guiding.
  • Forging process controllability at its best.
  • Reduced noise emissions and energy use.
  • Due to the strong design, there is a long lifespan and operational safety.
  • Pre-tensioned tie rods allow for exact adjustment of the frame's spring stiffness.
  • Even at low forming energy, high press stroke rate.
  • Low prices for maintenance and services.
Main Parameters (Units) PSP 800 PSP 1250 PSP 1600 PSP 2500
Nominal Force kN 8000 12500 16000 25000
Permissible Force kN 12500 16000 25000 32000
Ram Stroke mm 500 550 650 700
Shut Height mm 600 700 800 800
Bed mm 800 x 800 1000 x 1000 1250 x 1250 1500 x 1500
Screw Diameter mm Ø300 Ø350 Ø400 Ø450
Bolster   600 × 600 800 × 800 1000 × 1000 1250 × 1250
Overall Dimension mm H- 5000
D- 1500
Weight ton 70 100 130 180