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The only source of knowledge is experience. With our experience in deep draw technology, we have developed certain dies and moulds to have unbelievable life and superior component finish.

Sharma Machine Tools dies division is a fully staffed, equipped with modern tool room and state of the art CNC machines with all the necessary facilities. The company builds everything from complex Draw Dies to Blanking Dies, Blank & Draw Dies, Progressive Dies and Prototype/Special purpose developments.

With skilled workforce, dies has the human and technical resources to take your design concepts upstream to supply a single component or a full sub-assembly. The company’s never ending quest for perfection along with significant investment in people, technology and innovation allows us to

offer superior services in:

  • Long lasting Draw Dies
  • Draw Dies for ultimate component finish
  • Blank and Draw Dies
  • Blanking Dies
  • Pillar Dies
  • Progressive Dies
  • Prototype/Special purpose developments

The company embraces the philosophy of partnership with its customers. The company strives to develop a strong channel of communication with each customer which will ultimately lead to mutual success for both companies. We are eager to answer all your questions regarding deep draw dies or any other query.


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