Our History

    • 1954 Sh. J.S. Sharma father of Sh. Prakash Sharma designed and developed for the first time in India the “MECHANICAL DOUBLE ACTION POWER PRESS” for the manufacturing of steel and aluminum utensils of various ranges, automobile parts, defense engineering items and various sheet metal pressing items under the brand name PARKASH.
    • 1971 Sh. Prakash Sharma started with a small set-up and all the sales at that time was on the basis of personal contact with the parties. The demand of the product at that time, can be regarded as latent demand i.e. Customer’s were not aware of the product, but the need of the product was existing.
      Sh. Prakash Sharma managing director proprietor Sharma Machine Tools took every pain for the growth of his company. He took every step for making the product more suitable for the need and requirements of the customers and innovated various product features in the product so as to provide more better improved quality product to the country and abroad.
    • 1978 With exports to Nigeria and South Africa, the name PARKASH PRESSES became known beyond borders.
    • 1980 Then on the basis of these remarkable achievements, Sh. Prakash Sharma received the “UDYOG PATRA AWARD” on 20th December 1980, From Sh. M. Hidayatullah, Vice president of India.
    • 1992 Collaborated with Dorstener developed India’s first press line for brick making.
    • 2000 In 2000 company has achieved ISO 9002 from TUV Suddeutschland AG.. (Germany).
      By this time the company has exported presses to countries line Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ghana, Madagascar, Malawi, South Africa, Mauritius, Nepal, Nigeria, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Uganda, Uzbekistan.
    • 2005 Designed and developed India’s first impact extrusion press with 800 tons capacity for aluminium bottle making.
    • 2013 Developed world’s first Blanking and Draw Press for stainless steel.
    • 2014 Cutting, Trimming and Beading machine for utensils industry was made in India for the first time.
    • 2015 Mr. Neeraj Sharma son of Sh. Prakash Sharma received “UDYOG RATNA” for his achievements and contributions to the stainless steel industry from All India Stainless Steel Industries Association.