Blank Draw

Blank Draw

Blank Draw Press Machine Manufacturers in India

Sharma Machine Tools brings to you the most advanced mechanical double action power press. The company is widely acknowledged for making available strong and fluent Blanking and deep draw in the overseas market. Designed and manufactured by using modern manufacturing techniques and premium material. The press stands high on the counts of performance, longevity and durability.

The blank cutting and deep draw for a component is done in a single operation at a very high production rate with improved quality of your component.


Product Details


PRAKASH Presses with robust HORIZONTAL RING FRAME construction gives highest rigidity minimizing deflection of the frame to almost zero thereby giving incredible tools life & part quality. The tools are mounted under heavy tie rod construction for zero tolerances. Oil dip gears provided to enhance press life & low sound level. No open parts for the highest safety of operator.


Servo controlled coil feeder feeds the coil  directly onto the die from the decoiler. The feeder moves the coil in a zigzag pattern inside the frame of the press for providing you maximum efficiency from the coil. You can have up to 86% recovery from the coil depending upon the component.


Three times slow draw speeds compared to faster return speed ensures good draw part quality with minimum rejection & still FASTER PRODUCTION.


Auto gauge variation control system draws blanks even with thickness variation minimizing rejections. Motorised blank holders reduce die setting time unbelievably just at the touch of a single button without any manual settings by operator.

PRODUCTION : 2100 pcs/hr (variable)



  1. Improved quality for the component*
  2. 800% saving in labour cost*
  3. 600% saving in power consumption*
  4. 600% saving in area (space)*
  5. Zero blanking cost
  6. Reduced scrap

*as compared to normal double action press


  1. Recirculating lubrication system
  2. Maintenance & lubrication free bushes/bearings
  3. Automatic draw compound spray nozzles
  4. Conveyor system


  1. Hydraulic tool clamping

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