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The company SHARMA MACHINE TOOLS was founded in 1971 by the late Sh. J.S. Sharma F/O Sh. Prakash Sharma who was the first person to design and create the "DEEP DRAWING DOUBLE ACTION PRESSES" for the "FIRST TIME IN INDIA."

In 1954, for the production of a variety of sheet metal pressing products, automobile parts, defence engineering items, and steel and aluminium utensils of various ranges.

The selection we provide has unparalleled quality standards and is far superior to those of our competitors. We have gained enough market knowledge & experience over the past 50 years to be able to respond appropriately to any tough market circumstances.

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Our Success & History

1954: Sh. J.S. Sharma & designed and developed for the first time in India the “MECHANICAL DOUBLE ACTION POWER PRESS”

1978: With exports to Nigeria and South Africa, the name PARKASH PRESSES became known beyond borders.

1980: Sh. Prakash Sharma received the “UDYOG PATRA AWARD” on 20th December 1980, From Sh. M. Hidayatullah, Vice president of India.

2000: Company has achieved ISO 9002 from TUV Suddeutschland AG.. (Germany).

2005: Designed and developed India’s first impact extrusion press with 800 tons capacity for aluminium bottle making.

2013: Developed world's first Blanking and Draw Press for stainless steel.

2015: Mr. Neeraj Sharma son of Sh. Prakash Sharma received “UDYOG RATNA”.

2020 : Designed and developed India's first Servo Screw Press with 2500 Tons capacity